Friends! We are filming the music video for my version of the Ethiopian traditional love song, Kemekem (I like your Afro) featuring Samuel Yirga. We are searching for Afro coiffed folks of all ages and all Afro sizes to feature!!!! In fact.....

WE ARE CROWD SOURCING AFROS!!! You can send in a 15-30 (ish) second video of you and your Afro representing you however you would like. You can be talking on the phone, cooking, dancing, looking in the mirror, picking out, braiding, unbraiding, smiling, frowning, clowning... it can be a group shot, a selfie, a duo, trio, any matter of Afro beauty. One section of the video will feature these videos. 

Click here to upload your Afro video via jotform. 

Submissions are open from now until July 23rd!

Please contact: for questions and concerns. 

Kemekem: Literal meaning - freshly mown grass. Old slang for the perfect Afro.