Meklit regularly does talks for universities, conferences, companies and organizations. She has spoken at the TED Conferences, the Wavelengths APAP World Music Pre-Conference, the Universities of Maryland, Missouri, Purdue, and NYU, and for companies like Amplifon.  

Examples of talks include:

  • The Unexpected Beauty of Everyday Sounds, TED Talk given at the TED Fellows Retreat 2015, Monterey, CA. 

  • Keynote Address at Wavelengths, The APAP World Music Pre-Conference, January 2017.

  • I Write the Songs I Wish I Had When I Was A Kid

  • World Music - American Sound: Immigrant Music and the American Identity

  • Skill-sets for Developing A Creative Career

  • Cultural Activism and 21st Century Community Engagement

  • Meklit: Musician, Composer, Cultural Instigator

  • The History Of Ethio-Jazz

  • There Is No Such Thing As World Music

  • How To Be A Bandleader: A DIY Approach to Making Music

  • Creative Practice/Creative Approach

  • Women in Songwriting and Composing.