Songwriting lab for beginning and intermediate songwriters. 

Journalists, friends, and arts presenters often ask me about my creative process. Do lyrics or melody come first? How much pre-planning goes into a song, how much improvisation? For me, songwriting sits at the intersection of practice and mystery. After eight years, countless tours, four album and an EP, I've gathered all kinds of tools, tips, and approaches to making songs that work. With a focus on lyric development, storytelling, methods of unsticking yourself, and defining a vision, this workshop will be a mix of personal story, exercises, practices and processes that I've found to be the most useful in bringing songs to fruition. 


Please bring the following:

*Your instrument if you play one.

*A song you are working on that has you stumped or stuck - we'll be learning some approaches and applying them. 

*Printout or handwritten copy of the lyrics to a song that inspires you deeply (think: a tune that you have loved for years, or one that made you want to be a songwriter, or one that always shifts your mood - even for a moment). 

$30, Presented by the SF Arts Collective!