I play a Martin Douglas Guitar, which was gifted to me by Martin himself in May of 2015. It is nothing short of exquisite. How do I explain to you what a guitar of this caliber does for a songwriter? The sound simply flies out of my fingers, and I can feel the love and care poured into the wood. It seems a collaboration between the tree that birthed the wood, the luthier - Martin! - who dreamed up the form, and the player - me! - who plays and sings the sounds to the audience. I am in love.!media/c1wxb


What do you get when you cross sonic light curves (the sound of the twinkle), created courtesy of the brilliant NASA astrophysicist Jon Jenkins, with the sound of a guitar? Well.... you get the StarGuitar of course! Using Ableton Live and the Izotope Spectron electronic music program, I hybridize soundwaves from both sources to get something quite otherworldly. The StarGuitar was featured as a part of the Hip-Hop Space Opera Trio CopperWire. Why not!